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Ethiopia peace deal a game-changer

Ethiopia peace deal a game-changer

On 9 July 2018 the Ethiopian and Eritrean governments signed a peace deal to end decades of unrest between them. One of the areas in which the two countries agreed to work together is on port development and we believe that this could have significant impacts for DNK.

Development of a bulk terminal at Anfile Bay would be a game-changer for the Colluli project because it would mean a reduction in trucking costs from US$60/t to US$10/t which would not only boost profitability but it would also open up the potential to ship other lower value bulk commodities such as rock salt and gypsum which, up to now, have been uneconomic to ship.

We have developed a scenario analysis to study the impact of certain incremental project improvements for Danakali’s valuation.

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Danakali 11 09 2018
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